"Teleprone to the middle of the foes... For knowledge!"


All below info is per the last time the party has seen him, who knows what may have happened in the years that have passed in the Pyramid.

Mortheos : Unaligned Warlock of Ioun.

Mortheos is best known for his hunger for knowledge, he is not one to hesitate to endanger his life in the name of “Knowledge” or “Science” he is also equally quick to recommend others to do the same.

He is generally more careful in combat, but he has been known to do some funky teleports for the sake of getting who he wants with a big bad warlock daily.

He joined the party at the same time Keryth left, and ventured with the party until they “Sieged” Winterhaven, where it was decided that he was best left to govern there.


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